High Throughput Screening Course, 5-7 November 2018 – CIIMAR

High Throughput Screening and Safety

5 – 7 November 2018

Bioactivity screening is an important process in the discovery of novel compounds from marine resources. Technical advances led to a miniaturization of assays and the capacity to process thousands of samples per day – commonly known as high-throughput screening (HTS). This course will give state-of-the-art lectures on important developments in the field of HTS: sample management, data analysis, phenotypic screening, target-based assays, whole small animal models, and secondary screenings (ADME, toxicity, pharmacokinetics). Invited companies will give an overview of their products and applications for HTS.

Please, click here for the High Throughput Screening Programme.

Course Organization: Francisca Vicente (Fundación MEDINA), Ralph Urbatzka (CIIMAR), Sara Freitas (CIIMAR)

Inquiries: Joana Moreira-Silva (moreirasilva.j@ciimar.up.pt)

Applications: HERE